Consignor Contract

Consignment Contract

Edit Consignment & Boutique wishes to represent the Consignor under the terms and conditions of the agreement.


1. Term 

This agreement shall have a term of sixty (60) days minimum. However, the consignment period may be extended for luxury items. This contract is renewable at the discretion of Edit Consignment. 
Consignor must provide EDIT Consignment with 5 days notice if they would like to pick up their items at the 60 day contract.
From time to time and/or at the end of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons, EDIT Consignment pulls unsold merchandise in order to make room for new consignments. Consignor will be contacted by email to let you know when items are ready to be picked up.  Consignors have 5 days from the date of that email to pick up their items. One follow up email will occur before items are then donated. 
Due to space limitations, EDIT Consignment does not provide storage of goods for consignors at any time. 

2. Fees

Our current consignor payouts are based on a sliding scale as follows:

Up to $100 40% to consignor

$101-$500 50% to consignor

$501 and above 60% to consignor

High end luxury items are subject for negotiation. 

3. Process

Items are accepted at EDIT Consignment’s sole discretion based on a number of additional factors including current trends, brand, condition, demand and volume of items already in stock. 

All merchandise must be clean, pressed, and in excellent wearable condition. Uncleaned, unpressed, stained or otherwise damaged clothing will be donated. If you are unsure if your items meet our guidelines, please contact us.  

Upon receipt, EDIT will take all necessary steps to sell your item.  Additionally, items may be sold on EDIT's website, social media, layaway contract, personal client appointments, and other platforms if necessary. 

Consignor attests that they are not offering and will not offer the item for sale via any other method or venue while the item is in the possession of EDIT Consignment. 

4. Pricing, Discounts and Markdowns

EDIT Consignment will determine prices based on comparable prices for items of same or similar style, condition and market value. We research every item before input. Once items are added to your account you will receive an inventory list with pricing. 

EDIT Consignment reserves the right at any time, without prior consultation with the Consignor to a 20-40% margin in order to close a potential sale.

Luxury Bags and Jewelry will not be discounted more than the agreed discount amount. 

5. Authenticity

All luxury goods MUST BE absolutely authentic and are subject to authentication at any time during the consignment period. 

6. Payment(s)

Consignors will need to stay current on their consignment account, we do not contact you when your items sell. We do not send checks, please feel free to call to request a check. 

EDIT Consignment will provide the Consignor with a detailed statement of all associated transactions pertaining to the Consignor's account if requested. 

7. Online Policy 

Online orders have a 14 day grace period for payout. Once sale is final you can request your check. 

8. Loss or Damage

Consignor will ensure that consignment items are insured from all risks of fire, theft, flood, accidental damage or breakage, any acts of nature resulting or any damage to the property while at EDIT Consignment & Boutique place of business.  EDIT Consignment is not responsible for damaged or stolen merchandise.

10. Ownership

Consignor attests that they have legal title to and are in legal possession of all items and that which EDIT Consignment is to sell on behalf of the Consignor.

11. Agreement

Both parties have read and understand all statements included in this agreement. This agreement may not be revised or amended without the written consent of EDIT Consignment.