Chanel Metier d’Art 2017 Ecru Tweed and Gold Double Flap Bag

Plenty of large fashion brands are associated with Paris because it's their city of origin, but perhaps no major brand is as closely associated with the Parisian aesthetic as Chanel. That's in large part because Paris-based founder Coco Chanel has been a style figurehead for generations of women, but also because the modern brand leans into the associations, in its products and beyond. That's especially true of Chanel's Metiers d'Art Paris-Cosmopolite 2017 collection. 

Chanel's annual Metiers d'Art collections serve in place of what most design houses refer to as pre-fall, and they're meant to showcase the particular skills of Chanel's artisans, often through exquisite embellishment and finishing. The collections also usually draw heavy inspiration on an international city, but in 2017 year, Chanel stuck close to home and celebrated Paris with a collection that includes at least 90 bags.

If you're a longtime Chanel lover, there's plenty to love her: the collection is mostly classic shapes in special versions, including tons of sequins and plenty of exotics. Check out all the bags and their prices below.

Classic Medium Double Flap 

New With Tags, Retail for this Collectors piece is $34,000.